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Saturday, May 8, 2010

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A Whole New World

Hey there!

It's Sammy bringing you the first blog on The World of Wizards.
So there's been the whole buzz about the new world Celestia and the new Pet Pavilion. I went on the test servers to find out for myself whether it was as cool as everyone says it is. In my opinion I really don't like the Pet Pavilion. The food cost way to much a peice of corn for my danger hound cost me 250 for each! Another thing is now at the Bazaar you won't be able to sell pets there anymore. I believe it is insane.
Now on to Celestia. Many people have been coming up with the most outrages but sane ideas for the gateway to Celestia. Here are some reports from W101 Central threads:
Tooken from the thread "Grizzleheim's Nidavellir- Gateway to Celestia -by katami: We know from Wizard City plots that the ice giants fought the dragons and the storm giants. There's some very specific artwork in Nidavellir that shows just that. What is exactly behind the two doors you cant enter in Nidavellir?" To read the rest of the thread go to www.wizard101central.com/forums/showthread.php?t=45156
Another thread from W101 Central: "Celestia or Stupidia? -by jacs: Do you think Celestia will be added into the actual storyline of W101 or do you think it will be another stupid "fun" world like GrizzleHeim?" A poll was listed at the top, 5 people voted it would become into the actual storyline, 0 voted it won't, and 4 said IDK I just hope it's fun!
A thing that I noticed from most of the threads is that Celestia has to do with GrizzleHeim. Maybe GrizzleHeim isn't just a "stupid fun world". Maybe it does have to do with the storyline. Cast your vote down below and let me know what you think!

Signing off and hoping to see you in the game,
~Sammy D.